Your Lover Hope You Are More Pragmatic Or More Romantic

Most of us are more tolerant of ourselves and feel that it doesn’t matter if we are not very good. But we always have too many requirements for the other half and hope that the other half is the perfect look in our imagination. So does your Lover want you to be more pragmatic or more romantic? Let’s take a look at the Tarot cards.


Now let yourself calm down, take three slow and deep breaths, completely, empty your mind. When you are ready, choose one of the four cards above, maybe this Tarot Card Forecast will tell you the answer.

Choice A: The chariot is in the right position

He wants you to be more pragmatic because in life you are very good at talking romantic love, but in fact, You can’t give the other party any sense of security. So no matter how nice the love story is, the other party will not be moved. The other party will only annoy you why you just keep talking about it, no matter how good this kind of love is, it is not useless at all when you encounter something, and he hates your impracticality.

Choice B: Lover’s reversal

Your he wants you to be more romantic because you really are It’s too dull. It’s no fun to be with you. It’s quite annoying to talk about things every day. The other party often hopes that you can express something, but you never understand his hint every time. Therefore, the greater the hope of the other person, the greater the disappointment, and the greater the opinion of you.

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Choice C: Death Reversal

Your man wants you to be pragmatic and romantic, such as When your family needs you to work hard, don’t be the kind of unrealistic romantic ideas all day long, he still hopes you can find ways to make more money. In the so-called Valentine’s Day, he would hope that you can be more romantic, instead of being unprepared and not taking Valentine’s Day seriously.

Choice D: Powerful position

Your he likes the way you are now, whether you are romantic or pragmatic, he will think this is the best you, No need to change at all. Because he chooses you because he thinks you are good, and he feels comfortable with you, without any pressure. So he doesn’t like any changes in you, he hopes you can continue like this.