Monthly Taurus Horoscope – August 2020

Taurus August Horoscope

Being native of Taurus zodiac, you work hard to attain happiness and this hard work will continue in this month also. You will be able to get all your work done on the basis of your speech and your own people, who are going through your problems, you will be able to convince them through your sweet talk and this is your quality in general this month.

Your power will increase and you will be able to solve many projects in time, which will open the path of economic benefit in your life. Apart from this, you will make up your mind for long term projects, which will prove to be better for you in the coming time.


During this time it will be better for you to maintain good relations with senior officers. You will be fine financially. However, you will take part in spiritual activities and if you do any research work, then you will be able to get good success in it.

Taurus August Love Horoscope

Talking about love relations, there is not much compatibility for this and the reason for this is, the owner of the fifth house is in a suffering state and the vision of Mars on it and the fifth house. In such a situation, due to excessive haste in any work, your sweetheart may be angry with you or there may be a sharp tip between you, due to which your mind may remain somewhat depressed.

You should try to win the heart of your beloved with your sweet talk. At the same time, when the transit of Mars will be in the twelfth house and the transit of Mercury is in your third house, then the conditions will come in your favor to a large extent and you will be able to win the heart of your beloved by your tips and your communication style and good. Will enjoy love life.


If you are married, your spouse can get some financial benefit during this month, which will cause your financial benefit, which will make you mentally happy, but the latter half of the month is not favorable. During this time, while the health of your life partner may be weak on the one hand, the change in their nature on the other hand can increase their voice in consternation and some aggravation in behavior, which can cause stress in married life. You will try your best to make the conditions normal.

Although sometimes your efforts are not successful and in such a situation you will have to face stress, but the advantage lies in letting this time pass so that efforts can be made to make married life happy.

Taurus August Finance Horoscope 

If you look at your economic life, then you should expect good money gains from the combination of the three planets in the second house and the vision of the planets sitting in the eighth house. Especially ancestral property or sudden wealth can also come in front of you, which can make your financial situation suddenly stronger.

At the same time, sitting in the ninth house, Yogakarak Shani Dev will increase your chances of making a permanent way in your income and your income will definitely increase. After the transit of Mars in the twelfth house in the second half of the month, your expenses will start to increase, which will be necessary for you to control, otherwise the conditions can get out of your hands.


Even though the income will be quite good, you should avoid any big investment during this time and if you invest in the stock market, then it is better to invest thinking wisely and by understanding the market moves.

Taurus August Family Horoscope

If you look at family life, the beginning of the month will be much better and there will be solidarity in the family. Sun transit will be in the fourth half of the month. Then things can change a bit, because during that time you will want to dominate the family.

That is, you would like to consider yourself paramount, in which you may have to face some opposition and because of this, your mind may be slightly upset towards the family. It will be necessary for you to respect the women in the family, or else there will be a situation of quarrel. Some adverse situations will also come up, when you have to stand firmly and you will be able to strengthen yourself only by staying with family members.

The first half of the month is not very favorable for your siblings, But the latter conditions will improve and they are showing partial chance of success in their field. People from in-laws can get a chance to engage in some religious work.

Taurus August Health Horoscope

From the health point of view, the month may be a little weak, due to the combination of Jupiter and Ketu in the eighth house and the conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Rahu in the second house, which also has the influence of Mars. In such a situation, your second and eighth house is afflicted and on Mars sitting in the eleventh house, which is the lord of seventh and twelfth for you, there is also the vision of Saturn. This means that the first half of the month is going to be noticeable.

In this time segment you may have health problems and you may experience weakness as your immunity may decrease. However, the transit of Mars will be in your twelfth position in the second half of the month. During that time some relief can be given. However, during that time you may be prone to some kind of injury or accident. You should consume plenty of water and get enough sleep, only then you can avoid problems.


You should distribute jaggery and chickpea to young children on Tuesday as a remedy this month and if possible, feed monkeys with churma or banana. Apart from this, if possible, donating blood on Tuesday is the best. Worship Lord Shani with your mind. During this time they will prove to be a great success for you.

Apart from this, wearing Panna Ratna will also be favorable for you to get the grace of Mercury. Making a quasar of flour and adding a little sugar and adding ants will also get rid of the bottlenecks in your work and all the work will be done in a better way.

Monthly Horoscope In Hindi Or Urdu

क्या आप इस महीने के लिए अपना भाग्य जानने के लिए तैयार हैं? हम हर साधक के लिए मासिक राशिफल प्रदान करते हैं। आप चाहे तो अपनी लव लाइफ या करियर के बारे में जान सकते हैं। हमारी मासिक राशिफल में, आपको अपने पूरे महीने की भविष्यवाणी के बारे में सारी जानकारी मिल जाएगी, जिसमें वित्तीय, व्यक्तिगत, करियर और कई अन्य क्षेत्र शामिल हैं।