Astrological Remedies To Help You Get Rid of Unemployment and Find a Job

Most of us are at some point – in between jobs and wondering where our next salary will come from. Fortunately, each zodiac sign is equipped with a special set of hidden resources, and drawing on these gifts can help us maintain the ups and downs of our career life. So if you are looking for work, give careful consideration to your astrological reasons for unemployment – they can help pass the time and set yourself up for the next big occasion!

Astrological reasons for unemployment says,There are many people here who are willing to work and do not get a job due to mismatch between their skills and job requirements. Astrological reasons for unemployment says,There is another group of people who are expecting higher wages than their skills and remain unemployed. In this fast-paced world, everyone needs a job that is stable and pays you according to your skills.

Everything in this world, comes with a price that you have to pay for it. Astrological reasons for unemployment says, Earning money has never been an easy task and is considered the most important part of one’s life. Many people work to find different ways to earn money. Astrology can help those who are unemployed by providing solutions to all their problems in career horoscope. There are various job problem solutions by astrological reasons for unemployment that will help solve all the problems in your life and help you reach your desired destination.

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These are some of the various astrological measures of unemployment (berojagaaree ke lie jyotisheey upaay)

  • Astrological reasons for unemployment says, You should be free from all types of Pitra dosha that exist due to past karma. The person suffering from this defect should collect 1-1 rupees from everyone in the house and offer it in the temple. This should be done on the new moon day.
  • Offering your services at any religious place will help you in getting a good job. If you have children who cause difficulty in doing such activity for you, then you should take a piece of turmeric and pour it well.


  • Peepal tree can be planted on any Saturday to reduce unemployment. This should be well taken care of.
  • The elders of the family should perform a pooja and then every family member should apply tilak made of saffron.
  • Astrological reasons for unemployment says, You should avoid bringing certain things in your home such as non-veg, tobacco and alcohol.
  • While melting the floor of the house, sprinkle some rock salt on the floor and make sure that all corners of your house are dust free.
  • Astrological reasons for unemployment says, You can get a job easily with reference to anyone, but if your astrological position is not right, you will not get stability in the job.
  • If any married girl is suffering from this defect, she can get a job, but there will be no stability as she will have to change her job again and again.


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Unemployment, indeed, causes worry. However, astrological remedies overcome negativity effectively.
Thus, acquire these quick solutions;(Aasan Upaya apnaye)

  • Astrological reasons for unemployment says, Worship the planet that rules the 10th and sixth house of your horoscope.
  • However, worship other planets as well.
  • Recite Hanuman Mantra
  • Also, pray to Lord Kalvaraya.
  • Chant Shani Mantra for 40 days and do 19000 times.
  • Worship Lord Shani or Shani regularly.
  • Collect 1 rupee from everyone. Later, offer them in a temple. Finally, donate them every new
    Moon day for five years.
  • Go to any religious ceremony. provide service. Remember Lord Vishnu. Now, take a piece of turmeric. Eventually, Throw it in a well on Wednesday or Thursday.

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  • Again on Saturday, plant a peepal tree in your house and offer water regularly in it.
  • Worship Lord Ganesha_ Offer betel nut.
  • Also perform Rudra Abhishek.
  • Always keep Dhaturekijad with you.
  • Donate buffalo on Saturday. Replace it with black sesame.
  • Fast every Saturday to please Shani Dev.
  • Wear 14 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Apply saffron tilak on every family member.
  • Clean your house with rock salt water. Also, remove dust from corners.
  • Wear blue sapphire
  • Keep the northern wall of the house clean. Also, color it yellow, keep a full length
  • 33 Write the mantra of your favorite deity on full scape paper. Use red ink. Write on both sides.
  • Place them at the feet of the deity in a temple and seek their blessings.
  • Finally read SridurgaArgastotra_There are various astrological reasons for you not getting a job. And this can be known only after studying your birth chart. A person is not getting a job early in his career and the reason behind this can be known by delay in getting job astrology. Getting a job is necessary to survive in this cruel world. If you want to know the exact reason for not taking a job and remedy, then you should consult any real astrologer in Delhi as talking to an astrologer will help in solving your astrological reasons for unemployment.