Astrology Remedies To Help You Buy and Own Your Own Home

Man signs purchase agreement for a house

It is necessary to have a home in today’s society. People are judged by their material possessions that they accumulate in their lives. Everyone wants their home to be a sweet home. There are yogas in Vedic astrology and Astrological remedies to buy a house that can tell the whole thing about a native and his wealth.


There are many people who get a home loan easily and there are many who apply but do not get anything. Then there are those whose application is rejected at the last minute due to some idiocy and later it is approved even if something is wrong. All this can be judged from the horoscope of the native.

There are yogas in Vedic astrology and Astrological remedies to buy a house that determine the state of property of a native. The fourth house is the main house for judging the immovable and movable property of a native and there are subsidiary houses that facilitate the purchase or sale of a property.

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The fourth house is the home of wealth, peace of mind, mother, home life, communicability, self and ancestral qualities, common happiness, and some other things. But mainly it is home to property.

  • If the lord of the fourth house is with the Lagna lord and placed in benefic houses, the person may have several houses.
  • If Mercury is situated in the power of might and the lord of the fourth house is well disposed of then the person will get a beautiful house.
  • If the lord of the fourth house is kept in his own navamsa or is of a higher zodiac, then the native gets ownership of land, vehicles, houses, etc.
  • Those planets which have a high in the fourth house also have the power to give property to the native.
  • If the lord of the fourth house is placed in his friend’s house, it is in a sign of exaggeration or it is in his own house in the Navamsa or Lagna chart or both.
  • The lord of the ninth house in Kon and the lord of the fourth house in his friend’s house can give a good house.
  • If the lord of the fourth house is with Mars or Saturn or Venus, the native can also get the blessing of the house.
    The period of Mars, Venus, Jupiter is favorable for buying a house.


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Planets responsible for buying House (Ghar khareedane ke lie jimmedaar grah):

Mars: Mars is the causative planet for real estate. It is a planet that gives a good home.

Saturn  :buy house yourself

Shani: Saturn is the planet which gives land, old house i.e. repurchased house.

Venus: Venus is another planet that gives a grand house.

Good time or time to buy your own house (Sahi samay ghar kharidne ke liye):

  • Mahadasha is the main factor that decides whether the natives will own property or not.
  • The 4th lord, 2nd lord, 11th or 9th lord Dasha is able to house the natives based on many factors.
  • In the Middle Ages, the Sun gives a descending quality where the Moon gives at the beginning of life.
  • Sun and Mars are the responsible factors for providing a house in middle age.
  • The Moon is the responsible factor in providing a home at an early age.
  • Mercury can give a house at the age of 32 to 36.
  • Jupiter, Venus and Rahu can give property at an early age.
  • Saturn can give a property after 44 and Ketu after 52 years.

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Astrological Remedies to buy a house (Ghar kharidne ke liye jyotishi upay):

  • Mars is considered as a planet that defines the comforts of home. If this planet is weak, then you need to find some effective Astrological remedies to buy a house to give it a strong position and to achieve the dream home. According to Indian Vedic astrology and Astrological remedies to buy a house, a child with a strong Mars is born in his home and can also make his home in his life. On the other hand, if the mountain of Mars is not strong, then it is difficult for a person to get the happiness of his home.
  • If the Mount of Mars and Venus are similar to the Mount of Jupiter, a child born in a rented house can also enjoy their home. People with a strong Venus enjoy an attractive and beautiful home. If the Mount of Mars is downstream, the offspring can sell their ancestral property and make their home.
  • If Mars is up and out, the child can make his own house with his hard work. In addition, this planet also decides at what age a person can make his home.
  • According to astrology and Astrological remedies to buy a house, people above Mars can make their home around 28-36 years of age. If the mountain is downstream, or there are broken lines, the person can build a house at a later age. Thus, if you see such a trend, take intensive care to buy a home. Also, even if a person has a strong Mars, the lines are weak, he cannot enjoy living in his house. Thus, they stay away from the peace and contentment of their home.
  • In addition Astrological remedies to buy a house, if the lines of Mars are light and upward, then a person can get the pleasure of home around the age of 36-42 years. If you come to know of any such issue with your Mars, then it is good to seek the help of an astrologer. If your search is for an astrologer in Jammu, then Rajat Nair is the right choice. You can also take a stone and honey, tie it in a red cloth and keep it in a vessel on Tuesday’s Shukla Paksha. For this, dig a pot in a private place or you can swim it in water.
  • As Astrological remedies to buy a house You can regularly chant “Om Angarakaya Namah” and keep rock salt in the corners of the house. You can also visit religious places with mother, aunt or maternal uncle. It is good to swim in water by placing rice and sugar candy in a white cloth. Also, every person has a different problem, therefore, it is better to contact an astrologer to find the right and personal solution according to the real cause of the housing problem.